How Is Dublin City For Study After 12th?

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05 February, 2024

How Is Dublin City For Study After 12th?

Dublin is a friendly city that takes great satisfaction in offering top-notch educational opportunities. Four of Ireland's eight internationally renowned universities—Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dublin City University, and Technological University Dublin—are located there. Prominent alumni from these universities include Bram Stoker, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, and others in a wide range of fields. 

Is Dublin an ideal location for students?

International students make up over 25% of Dublin's university student body. Dublin is well known for its multiculturalism and variety as a result. Dublin is a very welcoming and distinctive city because of the blending of Irish customs and culture with cultures from around the globe.

Numerous universities in Dublin draw thousands of students from all across Ireland and the globe to study there. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is unquestionably becoming a fantastic city for students, with over 120,000 students completing their third-level studies there. Students here are also available with several excellent Student Accommodation Dublin.

Dubliners are hospitable and amiable, so you won't feel alone there. Given that Dublin is home to over 32,000 international students, the city is accustomed to hosting visitors and extends a warm welcome to them. You won't have to worry about making friends because everyone enjoys chatting, laughing, meeting new friends, and having a good time.

Is Dublin good for studies?

Studying in Dublin is an incredible experience. It is a desirable area to reside because of its rich history and culture, lovely parks and green areas, exciting nightlife, and many other features. Since Dubliners are amiable and enjoy chatting with guests, it is simple for English language learners to practise speaking the language!

To study in Dublin for international students makes sense for a lot of reasons. To just a few, English is spoken in Dublin. In actuality, the only English-speaking nation in Europe is Ireland. Obtaining a Schengen visa in Dublin allows you to travel to many European nations, especially because Ireland is home to numerous reasonably priced airlines.

The world-ranking universities

Dublin was named one of the top student cities in 2022 and among the top 10 cities in Europe in 2020 and 2021, respectively, for study abroad. This is hardly shocking at this time.  With four of Dublin's universities included in the QS World University Ranking, students are assured of a top-notch education and success in the classroom. You cand choose from several Student Apartments Dublin to live comfortable during your study years.

A post-study work permit is available to those studying in Ireland! Following graduation, you can search for and apply for jobs. Once you have a job, obtaining a work permit will be simple. We won't even begin to discuss the fantastic career prospects there!

Dublin is home to numerous international corporations and work opportunities. Therefore, you should choose a career in Dublin, Ireland, if you wish to obtain worldwide professional experience, earn a nice living, and establish a successful business.

Is studying in Dublin expensive?

There is a cost associated with Dublin's incredible lifestyle. When it comes to prices, Dublin is a little higher than many other European cities. Living in Dublin will be well worth it, nevertheless, for those who enjoy literature, history, and a little bit of the contemporary business world!

For undergraduate degrees, the tuition rates for international students might vary from €10,000 to €50,000. In contrast, postgraduate courses will set you back between €9,500 and €35,000. Every semester, you will also be required to pay a semester fee of € 3000 or less.  

For students studying in Ireland, lodging is one of the most important living costs. The location, kind, and quantity of occupants sharing a flat or house can all affect how much lodging costs in Ireland.

On-campus housing

In Ireland, the majority of universities provide on-campus student housing Dublin for their students. The type of housing, the amenities offered, and the university's location can all affect the price of on-campus housing. 

The monthly cost of single rooms in on-campus housing can range from €450 to €900, while shared rooms can cost anywhere from €300 to €600.

Private student accommodation

Private firms typically oversee and offer more independent living to students residing in private student accommodation. En suite rooms, studios, and shared apartments are examples of private student housing possibilities. 

While studios and en-suite rooms can run you anything from €600 to €1,200 per month, shared apartments can cost anywhere from €400 to €800.

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