10 Tips to Support your Joint Health

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30 November, 2022

10 Tips to Support your Joint Health

Fitness and aching to the joints can be an issue to deal with joint health. As life goes ahead with busy schedules, there come situations that force us to skip exercise and may also lead to unhealthy eating or to skip healthy eating. Physical inactivity or a poor diet can be the main reason for exacerbating the symptoms like joint pain and joint stiffness, especially in people who are already diagnosed with arthritis. So, keeping top on with a healthy lifestyle can bring ease to such conditions. 

Being medically right with the right diagnosis and the right medications of fish oil supplements  India can cause betterment in the condition of joint pain. Doctors also insist on following certain physical exercises and modifying your daily activities targeting ultimately managing your condition and it falls completely on you. The main criterion to follow is to relieve the pressure on your joints and bringing a routine onto your daily activities can be an active methodology in managing arthritis.

Are you struggling with the battle to extend your motion which got hung with joint aches and pains? Joint pain and stiffness is now common condition and arthritis need not be always the reason for the same. 

Repetitive movements, intense exercise, poor posture, injuries, and certain lifestyle factors can affect your quality of life and result in joint pain.

The concern to take care of the joints arises only when you feel some discomfort, but they have to be taken care of even in fair condition in order to keep them strong, healthy, and pain-free in the future. The worst thing to happen to joints is the condition of arthritis which causes painful swelling and stiffness in your joints. To improve your joint health and reduce your risk of stiffness and pain you need to bring in some lifestyle changes. 

When the physical pain has started to attack us, it is a powerful motivator and we’ll do almost anything to get relief. In the first place, to get rid of the chance of affecting joint pain and stiffness, the thing to get a hold on is lifestyle changes. 

As it is said, taking rest may affect your body to rust and it becomes true when it comes to your joints. Keeping the joints active will let you do all the chores you wish to do and not moving can end up increasing your pain until it becomes hard to do anything. 

The following tips tell you how you can keep the joints healthy and free from stiffness and pain and keep you moving smoothly, living the life you want to live. 

Keep Moving

Many are withdrawing from heavy physical activities and exercises as they are in fear of increasing pain or damage. The logic is completely wrong, the body is supposed to move on a regular basis and joints also need to have certain movement procedures. The movements, rather than increasing pain, will ease joint stiffness, reduce pain, strengthen the muscles and help us maintain a healthy weight. These are proven benefits so to reap them do move and exercise. 

Try Tai chi

Another scientifically proven methodology experts recommend is Taichi. It is greatly advisable for patients who suffer from arthritis and it is a way long beneficial in easing pain and stiffness. Studies show that Tai chi is highly recommended for osteoarthritis as it is defined as a gentle exercise that involves a series of slow movements accompanied by deep breathing.

Minimize the stress on your joints

For the ones who are seriously worried about joint pain, they should take care of the positions and movements that put extra stress on joints. Find some other position and posture to do the same and so find the alternative method to do the task the pain is causing hindrance too. 

Supplement with Glucosamine

Countless studies have put it right to consume one of the best joint support Glucosamine supplements which would aid in the betterment of cartilage health. Glucosamine deficiency will be in the line as you get old leading cartilage to wear down and cause pain and inflammation. So, supplement intake can support you in the journey to boost your levels together with a healthy diet that contains bone broth and plenty of protein. 

Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight may put extra stress on your joints and the risk of developing osteoarthritis is high and may also pave way for other joint disorders. Keeping a healthy weight can reduce disability and pain bringing in space for ease in physical activity. So, how can you reduce your overweight count? The popular practices to shed pounds include drinking water before meals, avoiding sugary drinks, eating plenty of protein and vegetables, and reducing your overall caloric intake.

Choose inflammation-fighting foods

Make sure you have whole foods with minimal processing, it is definitely a balanced diet and is included with the recommended ones that can be added to meals to support the seven Pillars.

Strengthen your Muscles

Keeping your joints safe and healthy also has an effective range to support the muscles surrounding the same. Muscle strength can be improved by many strengthening exercises and weight training is often used as part of a strengthening regimen. Remember the workouts are to be under pace and take care, not to overdo any of them. Strengthening the muscles with the proper training practices may increase the stability of your joints and also become helpful in decreasing pain.

Stop Smoking

Joint diseases tend to increase with smoking and it also promotes the inflammation factor causing pain to the joints. Quitting smoking can be a wise decision if you are specifically a rheumatoid arthritis patient. The risk factor you get affected by smoking is the condition of osteoporosis and for fractures. Even if you recover from the fraction, practices like smoking can also hinder bone repair after a fracture. 

Supplement with Chondroitin

Similar to Glucosamine, another important component to maintain healthy cartilage is chondroitin. Chondroitin is a building block in the elasticity of the cartilage and is a major ingredient in joint supplements as well. Looking into the ingredient content in the supplements and taking them on a regular basis can reduce pain and improve joint function. 

Boost your vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid intake

Joint pain behaves in line with the nutrients and they do come with a wide variety of healthy foods. You can get into some healthy snack options too to keep yourself rich in vitamin E and omega-3-rich content. In the current lifestyle pattern, the consumption of some joint health supplements can also help you with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid intake. 

Hydrate yourself enough

Joint health can be kept within your punch to make 80% of your body’s cartilage and connective tissue flexible enough. Not keeping your hydrated means the body's water needs will be satisfied by pulling water from cartilage and other areas, which can wreak havoc on your joints. Hydrating doesn't mean with sodas or other sweetened juices it is plain water or naturally-flavored fruit-infused water. The fruit-infused water can be made at home by taking in the combination with many fruit combinations.