Water level controller |Ktronicsglobal

Water level controller |Ktronicsglobal

Ktronics Water Level Controller is an electronic device, it can indicate water level in overhead tank (O/H) and underground sump, it can operate water pump automatically based on water levels in both O/H tank and sump.For more details contact us: +91 9043876528  | +91 9444962691


Water is essential in many places, and we store it in the tank and sump it every day based on our usage. Similarly, there are many more places we regularly fill the water. The water source is either freshwater or groundwater. It pumps up with the installed motors and is stored in the tank or sump. It is made at the manual process at your peak time in your daily life. Now, you can easily switch off it while the water has filled in the tank or sump with your controller. You can gain the benefits of the water level controller now in Chennai at ktronics. 

Benefits of Water Level Controller 

It is More Convenient 

Full of automatic operation 

Easy LED display for indication 

Surge Voltage Protection 

Save your motor damages 

Help to save water 

An automatic Water Level Controller is provided in Chennai. It will help reduce your power and save it. It is more conscious of the water level and power supply. You automatically save money and time with the aid of a water level controller without wasting it. 

The timer switch is the most remarkable feature, as it destroys your frustration of manually watching the motors. So automatic will control the water in the tank or sump according to your time setup. Automatically the average water will fill in the tank, and you can maintain less water usage and the level of water all the time. 

These automatic systems also prevent water from being turned on at inopportune times. Water flow in the tank will control with the use of timer switches. The water level is automatically maintained in the absence of your physical control. 

The above mention points have played a vital role in the efficiency of your Water Controller System. Therefore, to keep them in consideration while purchasing the product in the best place to buy of au Automatic water level controller at Ktronics in Chennai. We are at the best in Chennai the company of KTRONICS is devoted to delivering a water level indicator in a sufficient and useful way. The products as well as a valid consultation for you to save your time, water and money. For More details Contact us: 91+ 9043876528 or visit our website: www.ktronics.global