Things to Do in Desert safari Dubai

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02 January, 2022

Things to Do in Desert safari Dubai

Dubai is not just about sightseeing, shopping and luxury. City full pitch for adventure travelers. Whether it’s parasailing on the Palm Jumeirah beach waves or a Dhu Cruise ride at the Dubai Marina, entertainment is guaranteed. Similarly, we have all heard of the desert safari Dubai crazy sand activities. And wherever we think about those silly adventures in the sand, there is a list of SUVs that remind us.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing and quad biking are two of the most popular activities among tourists and locals on the Dubai dunes. Only four-wheeled vehicles can withstand the rough and sunken shape of the terrain. For this purpose, several 4x4 off-road vehicles have been set up in the Dune area of ​​Dubai.

A desert safari trip is considered incomplete unless you opt for Dune Bashing. The Toyota Land Cruiser is an iconic Terrain SUV that is often chosen as the Basher. This 4x4 car allows for smooth distribution on the roads along the rough surface of the terrain.

The Toyota Landcruiser is powered by a powerful V8 engine that is durable no matter how much friction you apply while driving over dunes. Lightweight body, 5-gear auto transition and KDS multi-terrain allow for subtle drift on ABS dunes. The throttle and brakes help keep the steady speed relatively low and facilitate regular distribution at the bottom of the slopes.

t has a multi-purpose cabin that requires fuel. You will often see it touching not only the dunes but also the tracks of the city.

Terrible Nissan petrol

Nissan Petrol is considered to be a popular off-road 4x4 vehicle. It has V8 power, which runs on Heritage Land. The amazing feature of this beauty is that it includes pedestrian detection as well as emergency brakes. This is a powerful lightweight SUV, you will see it crashing through the Arabian dunes. Nissan Petrol is the only competitor to the Land Cruiser. Some of the attractive features of this beauty are its versatile grip on sandy surface, road and even snow.


Delivery goes smoothly due to electronic locking, hill descent control, heavy 5.6L V8 engine and heavy duty tires. Mostly, a large number of people and families rely on SUVs in the area to crack the dunes due to the spacious interior and smooth flow.

Atv Quad Bike

Quad bikes are lightweight utility vehicles and are so called because they use low pressure tires. This is an ATV, an all-terrain vehicle, so it covers a wide variety of terrains. ATV quad bikes can be driven by a single crew. Other quad bikes also have space for driver and passenger. These are called tandem quad bikes.

Ride a quad bike as if riding a motorcycle on the road. Its wide tires facilitate balance and stability at slow speeds. Quad biking is a game for adrenaline junkies. It is the second most popular terrain sport for desert safari thrill seekers.

Wrangler Jeep


The Wrangler Jeep is an on-road and off-road vehicle. Due to its flat tires, it has a tight grip on the ground surface. People consider it a safe journey because it makes it easier to reach the sharp surfaces of the dunes. It does not allow multiple people like the Land Cruiser or carry heavy items. The Wrangler Jeep is much easier to drive compared to other terrestrial vehicles.

Hammer safari

Launched a Hummer as a military 4WD during the Gulf War. A Hummer has everything it needs to have a perfect terrain vehicle. It has a massive structure with the same tires, powerful and durable engine and good passenger space. It is a great match for the rough surface of the terrain, allowing for continuous distribution across the dunes.

It has a multi-purpose cabin so it can pull many other vehicles as well.

Tourists like to hit the rugged dunes of Dubai in droves because it is safe and allows the sand to be distributed evenly above sea level and below.

The end

So this is a brief guide about the best and most trending local beauties. These 4x4s are glamorous for a desert safari in Dubai. Avoiding sharp turns and taking complete instructions before entering the SUV are some precautionary measures that everyone should consider. Keep up the sweet temptations of your vacation in Dubai until you reach the desert safari!