Preliminary Games - More Fun in Bed

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24 February, 2022

Preliminary Games - More Fun in Bed

Choose a touch of mischief before approaching your partner. Remember that it is from the preliminaries that the most intense orgasms are built. Find out everything you need to know about this topic here.

Preliminary games constitute a series of practices that not only facilitate the stimulation of the erogenous zones to achieve pleasure, but also help to achieve greater closeness with the partner in intimacy. In addition, they help make the meeting more than satisfactory, says top sexologist in Delhi.

These games are carried out before penetration and their main objective is to provide the maximum possible pleasure, in order to bring the excitement to a high level and, later, achieve an intense orgasm.

This preview is the best way to start a good sex session because it makes you more lubricated and increases the passion between both of you. In addition, they will help you relax, have fun, get to know yourself better, establish a more intimate connection, gain confidence and reach climax more easily.

In addition to kisses, caresses, masturbation or erotic games, there is an essential requirement to promote an exciting prelude: imagination. The brain is the main sexual organ and the more stimulated it is, the better your performance in sex will be.

The importance of preliminaries

This preceding phase is very important, the problem is that sexual intercourse is commonly considered almost exclusively intercourse. This definition leads you to understand the preliminaries as prior to the sexual response itself, when, in reality, it is about the relationship, the first step towards it.

Avoid understanding sex as a mere coital relationship. You could talk about reaching orgasm, although you would be wrong if your only goal was to reach it, because it could cause stress for you and your partner. This would spoil the game.

The games

Couples spend an average of ten minutes foreplay, a fact that is natural. What many do not know is that by increasing desire through touching, massages or even dirty talk, sex will be much better. Take a look at these preliminaries suggested by sexologist in Delhi:

  • The ears. They are a part of your body that, before any touch, be it bite or lick, activates the nervous system.

  • The toys. Use them with your partner or, better yet, give him the control. The downside is that he won't last long and he's going to want to pounce on you soon.

  • Massages. Put the light down, touch his whole body with oil or lubricant. Give him a sensual and pleasant massage to relax. In addition to the feeling of delight, it will make them forget about stress.

  • The shower. When he goes to take a bath, take the opportunity to surprise him and get in the shower with him.

  • Visual stimulation also comes from foreplay: start by lathering up and letting him look at you.

  • Oral sex: fellatio and cunnilingus (meaning the practice of oral sex where you suck, rub, lick or nibble) are still the star preliminaries.

  • With your hands. This technique is for the most daring: masturbate in front of your partner and masturbate her too.

  • Spicy photos. Pose suggestively and take raunchy photos that will boost your libido.

  • Striptease - A sign that your lover will love is to see how you slowly take off your clothes to the rhythm of the music and a very hot dance. The secret is that you feel safe. Forget complex. Choose lingerie that makes you feel very sexy. Remember that everything is a matter of attitude!

  • Role playing games Dress up as a very sexy character and play a role. You can be a nurse or a teacher and he can be a policeman or a firefighter. They are good and fun moments that fuel passion.


The best recommendation by the best sexologist in Delhi for a couple is always communication. Nothing sexier than connecting with a man through conversation. This kind of contact gets you to open up completely to him. The most optimal foreplay is to tell each other what they want. As obvious as it may seem, it is one of the things that is least done. What is achieved is repentance when at the end there has been no full satisfaction.

The purpose is to enjoy both, together. Any preliminary and behavior that favors excitement and desire will bring you closer to the goal of enjoyment. Remember that all these situations do not occur only in the so-called preliminary phase, but are maintained throughout the relationship and strengthen it, says sex specialist in Delhi.