How to find accommodation in Cleveland for students?

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05 February, 2024

How to find accommodation in Cleveland for students?

For a student, seeking accommodation is one of the biggest challenges in the study abroad process. And, with so many options these days, it makes it harder to consider and know the best ones for booking.

Your student housing will depend on the affordability, amenities and commute. Remember the type of accommodation you choose to stay in will have an impact on your studies. So, choose wisely and do not make any hasty decisions. You wouldn't want to end up shifting and moving while studying in Cleveland right?

To do this, you should get to know about the types of student accommodation in Cleveland, their prices, and what all it includes!

This guide is short, and simple and will give the only important details you need to find that place you can call home in Cleveland for a while as a student.

Student Housing: - Off Campus Housing

The terms must be familiar to you by now as you’ve seen in your searches. If you are not sure what it means, it’s officially called PBSA in the real estate term. To simplify the meaning, it is a type of accommodation that offers Student Rooms in Cleveland. If you visit any of the website platforms that provide student housing services, you will see that under it, they offer a wide range of rooms and you can opt for private stay or take a shared student room. The choice is in your 


You get top-class facilities, services and inclusive utility bills under your student rent in Cleveland. 

Private Apartment: 

Quite a fancy term huh! These apartments are designed with keeping the interest of the students in mind. They are so modern yet cozy, huge spaces with a big student community living together. Here, you also get the option to choose a private student apartment in Cleveland or take a shared one. A suggestion here is, if you take a shared apartment with another student, you can cut costs on the expenses of your rent. 

You will get fancy amenities, in-house services and inclusive utility bills. 

University residence

These are just residence halls provided by the university which are located within the campus or close to one. 

There’s basic facilities, no privacy, paid meals and utility bills.

How do you find student accommodation now?

Online Platforms


The web is the best place to find student housing. Whether you want student homes near to university close to the city center or even in the suburbs, you will find a list of them. There’s University Living, quite a site to explore as you can filter anything based on your preference. Try it and do a comparison with other student housing provider platforms too, it will give you more clarity of the options available in terms of accommodation and prices too.


Social Media Platforms


Take hold of all the social media platforms that can be of leverage to you! You can connect with students, alumni and even locals who can guide you and suggest finding accommodation. The best part about these platforms is you connect with different types of student groups who will help you with more than just accommodation. You can also find a roommate and authentic information about the student's residence too. 

University Housing Board

This is recommended if you want to stay on the university campus. If you have enrolled with any of the universities in Cleveland, you should inquire more about the residence halls of the university. They will assist and guide you on everything about it. There are some that may be associated with private accommodation, so they can suggest places too.