How Operations Management Maximizes Efficiency of a Business

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09 December, 2022

How Operations Management Maximizes Efficiency of a Business


Every company provides a service or sells a product. Services are offer to customers by even non-profit organizations. To ensure that the clients will buy the product or service, a company must ensure that it possesses a highly acceptable standard and value. This means that the method used to produce a good or service is very crucial. According to the study by Agrawal, Atasu and Van Wassenhove (2019), the implementation of operations management has significantly contributed to environmental sustainability in organisations in the last 20 years.

The management of operational processes to maximize efficiency inside an organization is the focus of the business management field known as operations management. It entails planning, coordinating, and managing the organization's processes, to create a balance between costs and revenues and the maximum potential operating profit. The job of an operations manager is to make sure that the organization successfully and effectively transforms inputs like raw materials, labor, and technology into outputs.

The production process is completely under the control of operations management, which also assures that each stage is execute effectively to achieve higher efficiency. As a consequence, the customers are satisfied with a high-quality service or product. Numerous academic service websites on the internet discuss business-related essays for example operations management, business communications, economics, marketing, accounting etc. Just like many dissertation help websites that have numerous essays on their blog, this essay will discuss how operations management maximizes the efficiency of a business.

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Role of Operations Management in maximizing business efficiency


Product and service quality

The high quality of the goods produced and the services provide are ensure by effective operations management. Before delivery to customers, the operations management team inspects each product for dependability and durability. Additionally, this department assures that specified procedures are in place to guarantee that service-based businesses provide their clients with exceptional products and services.


Satisfaction of Customers

By providing high-quality goods or services, a business may help ensure clients are satisfied. It is the responsibility of the operations manager to make sure the product has the highest possible standard and satisfies the expectations of the customer. The proper treatment of consumers is another goal of operations management. Customers will be satisfied if all of these are in effect.



Optimal productivity is possible through operations management. During the period of the manufacturing phase, it ensures that all resources, such as unprocessed materials and human resources, are use effectively. This leads to higher production. Surely the best way to guarantee productivity would be through efficient operations management.


Competitive edge

Companies have a competitive edge over their rivals when they employ effective operations management. When operations management is correctly implement, the company will produce better results, which indicates the services and products will improve and become more functional for the marketplace. The business will be able to distinguish itself from its competitors and attract new customers as a result.


Decreased operating costs

When production, the output of high-quality goods, and customer satisfaction are properly optimize, the cost of manufacturing goods or providing services will be dramatically decrease. Revenue increases as a result of lower operational costs. Additionally, it reduces waste. This can only be accomplish with efficient operations management. In addition to making sure that operations are profitable and effectively operating, operations management also supports technology advancements and advanced software within a business, which helps in the automation of financial operations and enhancement of business efficiency (bestassignmentwriter, 2022).


Increase in revenue

The business will gain a solid brand image in the market as a result of improved product quality and satisfaction with customers. Additionally, this image will help the business draw in more clients and increase its share in the market. The identification and optimization of the processes used in the creation of products or services is another aspect of operations management. As a result of process design inefficiencies, this may result in cost reduction. Consequently, operations management would assist the business to deliver more goods and cut expenses, resulting in a gain in income that allows the business to continue growing.


Reduction of waste

One of the most crucial aspects of operations management is the elimination of waste. Lean manufacturing methods and JIT scheduling, which controls inventory costs, are two examples of the numerous methods that may be used to find and remove waste in production processes. To reduce excessive production, wastage of time, and faulty goods, lean manufacturing analyzes wastes that are frequently present in production processes. By reducing wasteful costs and ultimately enhancing the organization's entire manufacturing process, minimizing waste from your operation will enable you to boost earnings.



The effective implementation of operations management techniques requires the cooperation of numerous people at every organizational level. Supply chain design, sales, the ability to keep money, and the best use of human resources are just a few of the business tactics that operations management involves. To guarantee that all divisions profit from the outcomes, it is advantageous for each of these decisions to incorporate several divisions in the decision-making process. For instance, it is crucial to involve those in control of financing in the process of product design since this will guarantee that high-quality materials may be select at a fair price.




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