5 Best Tips to Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience in the UK

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05 February, 2024

5 Best Tips to Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience in the UK

Where are you planning to pursue your education from? London, Manchester, or Bristol? No matter where you are going, these tips will help you in making your whole experience smoother, affordable, and worth it. 

Studying in an international destination is one of the most eye-opening adventures that one can experience. But what is the reason why you want to study in an international destination? Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Experiencing a different culture

  • Learning a new language

  • Enhancing your personal skills 

  • Gain different perspectives towards education 

  • Boost employability 

You should start researching your study abroad experience 12-18 months before you plan to travel to your new place. This will provide you with a lot of time to sort out applications, funding, visas, and more. 

Tips on how you ensure you have the best study abroad experience

Familiarize yourself with the education system:

Before you move, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the education system. In the UK, you will find different teaching methods. Most of the universities have lectures where the university professor speaks to a wide number of students and seminars. Here the students work in small groups. Assessment methods can vary from time to time. You need to sit an exam, complete a group project, or write an essay to understand. 

Select your course:

More often than not. You will come across a wide range of universities offering qualifications comparable to those offered across the United Kingdom. For instance, Bachelors, Masters, as well as Ph.Ds. You need to look into how long they take to complete as this can depend on where you study. It is best to research all of the shortlisted programs to discover which one’s right for you. You can also start by discovering how your potential institutions rank globally in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. You have to check that the qualifications you receive can be recognized across the UK. If you are currently in the UK-based study, make sure that you spend time abroad and still complete your studies on time. you need to avoid programs that do not transfer academic credit toward your award.

Book your accommodation as soon as possible:

First-year students generally select to stay at the halls of residence offered by the university. Situated on campus, they are a hassle-free student accommodation in Bristol options which is often provided to international students. Since they have limited space, booking early on will be important. Other accommodation options like private residences and houses can be really easier to find later on. Still, you have to allocate time to research and also make the right decision. if your study abroad program does not comprise accommodation, start looking as early as possible.

Manage your budget:

Saving money ahead of international study is generally overlooked. So, it is important to create an action plan and start saving well in advance. Price everything up in advance, from the university and accommodation in Bristol costs to the amount you will receive for all kinds of leisure activities as well as personal care. Some of the university websites offer estimates of the outgoings. One needs to use these to your advantage. The cost of living in a new place can be huge. So, your money might not stretch quite as far as it does across the UK. To make the most of the leisure time, you need some spare cash. You also need cash to pay for travel home as and when required. You also need to research the best credit cards for all the students and use them in an emergency. Speaking of emergencies, ensure that you have some money set aside in case any unforeseen conditions arise. 

Look for student discounts:

As a young student, you can really benefit from the different discounts available in England. For instance, if you buy a 16-25 railcard for £30, you can easily get one-third off train travel across the UK. If you often take the bus between UK cities with National Express, the Young Persons Coachcard will cost you around £15 and provide you with around one-third off as well. You can also get discounts in cinemas, theatres and shops. Whenever you go out from your Bristol student accommodation, do not forget to carry your student ID along.