What to Expect From a Hatha Yoga Class?

What to Expect From a Hatha Yoga Class?

Hatha Yoga is a branch of Yoga that uses physical techniques to preserve channels and vital power or energy. This Yoga style is specially made to relieve stress and balance the chakras. This involves meditation which is done by focusing on your breathing to relax your mind and body. The Yoga includes 45 to 90 minutes of breathing and some Yoga poses.

Hatha Yoga has its origins in Gorakhnath, the legendary founder of the Kanphata Yogis but it grew out of yogic traditions back in the 2nd Century BCE, as far as Pantanjali who was the author of Yogashastras.

Hatha Yoga is a way to heal the mind which has benefits like better sleep, core muscle strength improves depression symptoms, and reduces stress. Hatha Yoga can be practiced by anyone. The purpose of this Yoga is to balance your Lunar energies and achieve the goal of being a wholesome being. The word Hatha in Sanskrit means “stubborn”.It is a stubborn practice of Yoga that involves five senses of the mind. The decoding of Hatha- Ha (sun) + Tha (moon) yoga, is because Hatha Yoga helps to purify our solar (Pingla) and lunar (Ida) channels.

What to expect from a Hatha Yoga class?

Hatha yoga is best for beginners. By starting with basics this form is the best way to start practicing yoga as it has a slow pace and a calming effect.

In a Hatha class, the guru uses the following tools● Asanas- Gains control over the body.

  • Pranayama- gain control over breathing.

  • Mudra–  manipulate and stimulate pranas (subtle energies)

  • Bandhas –  stimulate chakras (energy centers)

  • Kriyas –  purify internal organs ● Mantras–  control the mind.

Here is a Hatha yoga class that will go on-

Breathing- Breathing is the first part of Hatha yoga in which Kapalbhaati (forceful exhalations) and Anulom Vilom (Alternate nostril breathing).

Warm-up- Second part covers the warm-up exercises for the whole body which includes Suryanamaskar, Dolphin raises, etc which gives a nice overall warm-up.

Asanas- A set of 12-15 Asanas are performed in a traditional form. Each Asana should be held for 1 to 3 minutes.

Final relaxation- This is the most calming and serene part of the class. Also called

Savasana. This part is to relax your body and focus on how your body is functioning.

A blend of all these tools gives rise to hatha yoga which is serene. Hatha Yoga classes have a positive atmosphere, well-ventilated rooms, and space where one can feel relaxed. There are also six principles of Hatha Yoga are practiced-