Plan Your Destination Wedding Post Covid-19

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05 April, 2021

Plan Your Destination Wedding Post Covid-19

Covid-19 has disturbed all parts of society. Whether it's a business space or personal everything is redefined. Indian wedding is no exception for this. Marriage, which was once a big matter in India now get a facelift. 'Normal new' to celebrate a wedding in the post-covid world-19 will be different.

The Safest cities to plan destination wedding post covid-19 are:

  1. Jaipur

  2. Pushkar

  3. Udaipur

  4. Jodhpur

  5. Goa

You can plan your destination wedding in these 5 top safest cities of India. You can also ask for more suggestions to our best wedding Planners in Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Goa and also many more cities in India.

Celebrate Your Wedding in New Normal

With social distance into the norm, marriage will be smaller, more intimate, and with an emphasis on the standard of cleanliness and also ensuring services without contact. Given this situation, to limit risk and ensure security, partners who plan to celebrate their marriage during the second half of this year must consider changing their wedding plans. They may not like to shift the date but of course the structure and format will be reviewed.

The Hygiene and safety standards

Royal wedding: Luxury My Wedding has become a wedding planner for the main purpose. With changes in time we have also changed our offerings. We are ready with the changed Indian wedding structure.

Many Couples to Tie the Knot

With us, your marriage will remain a fancy business because it used to be a pre-covid-19 period but with new norms. After Covid-19 and so locking is complete, we expect many partners to tie the knot, however, the way it will be changed.

Worries during the Pandemic

The pair will go for intimate marriage and more carefully, adhere to social distance norms. To facilitate the worries of our clients during a pandemic, we are involved with them virtually by conducting digital meetings and recess places, offering more flexibility in terms of bookings and rescheduling wedding for the next date.

All of our wedding locations were unanitized before the guest arrival. Exactly from the entry to get out, in all wedding places, cleaners and hand napkins are placed at any point. Guests will be able to clean their hands on arrival, have access to cleaning and protective equipment at their desk. We will ensure that supporting staff, helpers and everyone involved in good health.

All of our wedding places have a large open space which means people can keep physical distances compared to indoor weddings. We have developed a place of seating well thought out to reduce risk. We put a larger table with limited seats to keep the distance between people. For example, tables for 10 will be assigned to 4-5 guests.

Luxury My Wedding

All of these arrangements were carried out after new guidelines issued by the authorities for marriage. With Luxury My Wedding, you can set the same luxury wedding as you plan with adequate security and cleanliness with our best wedding planners in Udaipur, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Goa, and also many cities in India. Contact our team for further details. Don't miss fun in Weddings !!