My First Trek of the Himalayas

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06 April, 2021

My First Trek of the Himalayas

In their fundamental lives, frequent travelers do not feel happy - I was told that when I talked to some of the colleagues of my traveling passion. But I didn't give up and convince people because I always felt you needed friends, like friends and you can share everything, like bedrooms, washroom, food, shoes, etc. But I was mistaken luckily.


I could not even think of leaving a well-established company in Hyderabad and joining a start-up unless Delhi was the new site. I came into Delhi with a lot of excitement and passion and began to google in the weekends for nearby places. Even if I went the other way, I stood by my bed, AC and junk food. I've been in Noida for three months and have not even gone to CP. As the first employee in my company, I had a new team and had no friends to plan a trip.


I have found Bikat Adventure and asked about upcoming events while fighting for travel organizers with Google. They said they organize a hike, which surely wasn't my area. I switched quickly and made nearly 10 calls in a row to other organizers. None was helpful to them. A month later, I received a Bikat invitation and I was unable to resist from Beas Kund Trek. I thought it's better to go somewhere than not. And that's how I half-heartedly registered for the event. But that was not so easy. I made many calls and clarified my small question to bikats. 


This was my first trek and I didn't know if I could handle it or not. Bikat was so patient, they dealt with every issue mine; where to buy shoes to which sunscreen brand would protect more. However, the status was identical... There are doubts. In order to make me more clear, they even called me to one of the after-trip parties of a previous batch.


The real journey


In the month of June 2014, Trek was scheduled. I have very carefully packed my bag and have a thousand times checked the raincoat. The day came when I needed a bus to get to Manali. Early from the office started and the subway boarded, all alone. I always imagined in my head what kind of people I'm going to meet on a trip. The site where I should have taken a bus, was 'Majnu kaaa tila.' I was somewhat shy to ask for the address:-/ God knows who maintained that name.


I came to the time of reporting only to find out that nobody has time these days. The problem is that you don't have anybody to appreciate. To be seated, I had to wait about 1 hour. We were then told to sit on the bus and to have a mini introduction. Bag packers came one by one and continued to adjust in the bus.


To be honest, the only thing I hate in this world is the bus journey. I mean you can't even pee as you please. I have gathered from a tour guide that sat next to me a couple more technical information. He shared his trekking experience and a few of Beas Kund's highlights. Some dhaba stopped for dinner. The crowd was so dense that we actually fought for food, as if the food was free. During my meal, I ate his mind too, asking for a thousand more questions such as food supplies, temperatures and how I can become a trek guide so I can do free walks... Usual me:-D His name BTW was Wakeel, well it's some sort of odd name:-P


We walked at our own pace sparingly. It was five minutes and I felt like I packed so heavy baggage and not everything that I could pack. I made a note mentally to prevent such unconscious packaging. But you know, when packing:p, girls will always be girls. It was only the beginning of the hike and I took frequent breaks. I checked the urge to ask how far the campsite is. I asked Wakeel, and he replied, how long I could have controlled, that's only two miles away. When he said it to me in bus already, I was wondering why I asked it was just eight kilometers on day 1.