Mobile Shredding For Premium Protection

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28 November, 2021

Mobile Shredding For Premium Protection

Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile shred trucks offer a convenient way to have your sensitive documents shredded on the spot. They come to you and handle all of the paperwork right at curbside for quick relief from worry about data breaches! As the size of our digital footprint grows, it's more important than ever to protect yourself and keep your information secure. Mobile shredding services allow you that extra layer of security by watching as they do their job!

Pierce And Tear Shredding

Industrial strength shredders use the pierce and tear method of breaking down your paper. This is because it offers a high level of security, can do so much in an hour, and bulky items like metal will be effectively destroyed by these types of machines!

Different Methods Of Shredding Paper

In the world of security, shredding is a must. Pierce & Tear Shredding is one of the most common and secure ways for industrial and large scale shredding.

Common Methods

Pierce And Tear:

The most secure method, pierce and tear shredding is quick to complete with tiny pieces for added safety. It can handle paper or cardboard without issue on any size of machine!

Particle Cut:

For those who need to shred sensitive documents, the particle cut is a secure method. This type of machine uses fine-tooth blades and produces very small paper bits that cannot be reassembled without special equipment capable of doing so--this can cost you some extra dough on top!

Cross Cut:

Cross cut shredders are a step up from strip cuts, as they have both vertical and horizontal blades. The maximum size of paper that can be shredded is 160 mm2 with these types of units.

Strip Cut:

This is the most common way to shred documents, and it’s used by almost every small-business owner. These cutters break a document up into parallel strips that can easily be put back together again on either end of their range - though they will always have some trouble with anything too thick or long!

Premium Protection

Mobile shred trucks can be a valuable tool in the security and protection of your business. Not only do they provide you with an efficient way to destroy documents, but also because it's portable: if something happens at any point while travelling around town or out on jobsites-you're safe!

Witnessed Shredding:

It is a great option for those individuals who want to witness their shredding services. It can help them feel more confident in the process and it’s also required by some compliance restrictions, so this service will come in handy many times over!

Certificate Of Destruction:

After a service is complete, individuals receive a certificate of destruction. This document shows the time and place where their personal records were incinerated to ensure they cannot be used again by anyone else in an effort for legal compliance with DMV laws.

Limited Contact:

Mobile shredding is an innovative way to save time and increase productivity. Instead of transporting large volumes, mobile units can be set up in any location with secure access for employees who will manually lift papers into the machine themselves while it's operating!