Laser Hair Removal: An Effective Hair Removal Option


28 September, 2021

Laser Hair Removal: An Effective Hair Removal Option

In our first article about hair removal, we spoke about the semi-permanent method of waxing. In this 2nd blog post, we'll address a more permanent approach - aser hair removal. Presently, electrolysis is the only therapy that can be called irreversible, as Dubai laser hair removal can leave behind some penalties. These tiny hairs occasionally can't be gotten rid of by a laser. Still, it's an excellent option for individuals seeking to eliminate the requirement for cutting in some locations. Right here's the skinny.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair elimination is among one of the most irreversible hairs elimination solutions offered. It is very typical and works by beaming extremely concentrated light into hair follicles, which eliminates the hair follicle and keeps brand-new hair from expanding. Although it may take several treatments to get rid of most hair, laser hair removal has become preferred because of its performance and relatively quick results.

Exist various kinds of laser hair reduction?

Yes and no. The concept coincides with these therapies, but there are a couple of various lasers that doctors pick from.

  • Alexandrite is a laser that is most reliable on lighter skin tone.

  • Pulsed diode array is a laser that works best on pale to medium skin tone.

  • Nd: YAG laser is a near-infrared laser-produced dealing with darker skin kinds, although it can be effective on lighter skin, as well.

  • IPL isn’t a laser, but it’s sometimes used as a laser for light to medium-toned skin.

What areas are risk-free to laser?

It's risk-free to laser practically any kind of area you desire. This includes brows, legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, breast, feet, back, or anywhere else on your body. I always advise letting a professional do this for you, rather than making use of several of the at-home gadgets now readily available.

What are the disadvantages of laser for hair removal?

Although it is a practical approach to hair elimination, there are some disadvantages. These include:

Numerous sessions

The ordinary individual requires seven therapies to eliminate a lot of the hair in their desired area. However, this relies on a range of variables, including the size of the site, sort of hair, or sort of skin. Some may need 2 or 3 sessions.

Hair expands in several phases, as well as a laser can impact hair that is presently developing. This explains the requirement for multiple treatments, as hair grows at various rates.

Skin irritation or discomfort

Laser hair elimination is not painless. Some individuals experience side effects like swelling, inflammation, blistering, or perhaps hypo- or hyper-pigmentation at the website. Your doctor needs to give you some anti-inflammatories, cooling down lotions, or various other means to help alleviate this pain.

Sun damage

If you're having laser hair elimination, make sure you won't be obtaining much sunlight direct exposure right away later. It is essential to use sunblock each day, of course, but added crucial if you'll be outdoors as well as your recently-lasered location will be straight exposed to the sunlight.

How should I get ready for laser hair removal and care for the site afterward?

Before each session, see to it too:

  • Prevent electrolysis, tweezing, or waxing, as these activities temporarily get rid of the origin of the hair growth.  Laser hair removal will will only work on roots.

  • Stay clear of sun exposure for your preferred location. This can lead to even more issues throughout and after the procedure and make the therapy less efficient.

After the Session:

  • Wear sunblock of a minimum of 30 SPF on your treated area, as well as prevent exposing it to route sunshine.

  • Make use of moderate anti-inflammatory, cooling creams or chilly compresses if you experience inflammation, melting sensations, or discomfort in your treated location.

  • Redness is expected, yet if you experience painful blistering that lasts several days, call your doctor. Although it is unusual, laser hair elimination can cause burning of the skin.


If you would like to learn more about laser hair removal, go search. If you would love to make a consultation, you can book Laser Skin Care. Have any concerns regarding laser hair removal that I didn't deal with right here? Leave them in the remarks, and I'll try to answer them.