In the West Himalayan, Uttarakhand: The Nation Park Of Flowers

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06 April, 2021

In the West Himalayan, Uttarakhand: The Nation Park Of Flowers

Discover Valley Of Flowers' Beauty Of Nature


The primary inspiration behind the establishment of Himalayan Walkers is Mr. Bhagat Singh Rawat, founder and co-founder Mr. Chain Singh.


History Himalayan Hikers has expressed his love for trekking and his interest in exploreing the splendor of nature. They have a passion for linking and enjoying the trekking place.


Trekking is not just about wandering; hiking is about the world. You believe. Knowledge of flora and fauna should be provided. 


The scent of flowers is free of pollution, and people from abroad are traveling for the trek. We all know that flowers, such as the Brahma-kamal, roses, lotuses, are famous for the beauty and glamor of the nature.


The importance of flowers in nature is everywhere - they provide people with natural medicine. Dense fog and rain often occur, particularly in late summer mountains.


The spectacular Flowers Valley is deep inside the Himalayas, a mountain meadow 11,500 feet above sea level (3500 m.). August and September, the valley is turned into a color riot with more than 1000 varieties of flowers, shrubs, orchids and other plants that carpet the valley. The valley is a naturalistic heaven and a delight for trekkers with its diverse flora and fauna and dazzling snow-covered peaks around it. You can witness its splendor for yourself on this 4-day trek (within a 10-day route).


Day 1: Arrival in Delhi


Arrive in Delhi, where you'll be met and taken to your hotel at the airport. You may want to stay at the hotel or wander about your neighborhood and find a hearty dinner for your trekking days ahead, depending upon your time of arrival.


Day 2: Drive Delhi to Rishikesh


A journey of about six hours to Rishikesh in the morning. Rishikesh is known to be the birthplace of yoga on the banks of the Ganga River.


In the evening, visit the Ghats on the Ganga to watch the evening Aarti, where the sights, the sounds and the singing are performed. 


Day 3: Rishikesh to Joshimath


You go deeper into the mountains today to Joshimath. Stop at Devprayag on the way towards the confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers, which form together the Ganga Holy River. After 7-8 hours of driving, reach Joshimath at night.


Day 4: Drive Joshimath to Govindghat


Govindghat on the road in the morning. From Govindghat, trek around 13 kilometers (18 miles) up to Ghangaria, Flowers Valley Base Camp. Late in the afternoon, reach Ghangaria.


Day 5: Valley of Flowers Trek Ghangaria

This morning, set out to the Valley of Flowers trek, your ultimate destination. The distance to Ghangaria is about 3 km. This beautiful meadow is surrounded by the bright snow-covered Himalayan, by a tapestry of colorful flowers. Nearly 300 wildflowers are flowering here. After taking some time to enjoy the amazing beauty of the place, come back to Ghangaria the same way you came.


Day 6: Trek Ghangaria to Lake Hemkund


Head today for Hemkund Sahib on the banks of Lake Hemkund, a revered Sikh sanctuary. Flanked by snow-covered summits, the blue-green lake is 15,196 feet high (4632 m.). The 6 kilometers trek to Hemkund Sahib, which runs from Hemkund lak, is a steep climb along the Laxman Ganga River. Return to Ghangaria by night after visiting Hemkund Lake.

Day 7: Govindghat Trek Ghangaria - Mana Excursion - Joshimath Drive


Start your downhill today, walk down to Govindghat from Ghangaria. Take a short trip to the village of Mana in Chamoli District. Mana is the last Mana Pass village and only a few miles off the border between India and China. The town is beautiful and scenic.


Day 8: Drive Joshimath to Rishikesh


The journey from Joshimath back to Rishikesh now takes a long day (about 6-7 hours). Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the mountains. After your arrival in the town of Rishikesh, perhaps you will have a good look at some of the sights you missed while you were on your first visit.


Day 9: Drive Rishikesh to Delhi


Return to Delhi by car after breakfast today, about 5-6 hours' journey. There may be time for a last sightseeing or shopping after arriving in Delhi.