How to Find the Best Electric Shaver or Razor?

Kumari Ankita Follow

05 April, 2021

How to Find the Best Electric Shaver or Razor?

The best electric razors allow you to shave your beard in almost no time and leave your skin smooth and flawless. But electric razors can be very expensive, and not everyone can shave you as intimately or comfortably. In addition, there are many other functions to choose from when buying an electric shaver. While choosing in two options like foil shaver or rotary shaver you must consider whether you need a fast charging function, a beard comb, or a shower that can be used in the shower. The following tips will help you decide whether to use an electric shaver, and if so, which type of shaver is best for your needs.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of electric shaving?


  • As per our recent customer survey, 68% of consumer said that using an electric shaver for men is better than a wet shaver.

  • You don’t need water or gel, so you don’t have to be in the bathroom (although you can use many electric shavers for humid environments if you prefer). The electric shave is less messy.

  • You can carry the razor in your hand luggage. Some razors will stay charged for up to three weeks, long enough for vacations or business trips without disabilities.


  • Although you can buy an electric shaver for less than £30, a high-end shaver with more features can cost more than £300. Metal foil and its head of electric shaver require to be replaced every 2 years or so, which usually costs you 15 to 40 pounds.

  • Where did the feedback come from? Members indicated that most people still feel that wet razors shave more than electric razors.

What types of electric shaver are there?

Foil shaver

The foil electric shaver's blade is straight, which uses a swinging blade under the thin perforated foil to cut hair. Braun Panasonic, skull shaver for men and as well as some Remington models, have a film head.


Rotary shaver

This type of electric shaver usually has three round heads that rotate to lift and then cut away the stubble. All Philips electric shavers and some Remington models have a rotating head. Opinions are divided on which type is best. Our laboratory tests found that these two types of models have excellent shaving results and are comfortable enough to win our "Best Buy" recommendation, so we think it depends mainly on personal preference.

Mains rechargeable shavers

The mains rechargeable shaver can be used when plugged into mains or wireless power. The power option is useful if you forget to charge the shaver before use.

 Cordless shaver

 Most other shavers, including all "wet and dry" shavers, are rechargeable and must be used cordless. This way, you can move freely while shaving, but this means you cannot use them while charging. Electric shavers that can be used in humid environments are always cordless to ensure that you cannot insert them in the shower.

Power-only shaver

The main shaver cannot be charged and needs to be plugged in to work. Nowadays, models with only the main power supply tend to be basic entry-level shavers.