Dubai City Tour Deals and Special Gifts for Family and Friends

Dubai City Tour Deals and Special Gifts for Family and Friends

Dubai City Tour Deals. If you have come to this part of the world for some amazing Dubai holidays, then do not think twice as you are on your way to a holiday experience that will take you back to the great sands of the UAE. Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is one of the fastest-growing modern cities of the world today. Dubai has all the elements for a great holiday getaway. Whether you want water sports, beachfront relaxation or some adrenaline-packed adventure Dubai has it all.


Dubai Tour Deals - Start With a Breakfast at the Dubai Hotel & Casino. This is a must-do before you head out on a Dubai safari cruise or desert safari. You can also enjoy breakfast in the traditional Bedouin-style traditional home in Deira. Once you start with breakfast you can enjoy some world-class dining and entertainment in the many restaurants located in Dubai's business district, or in your hotel room. All the hotels offer a variety of restaurants serving some of the world's famous dishes such as Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mughlai, Dubai Culture Restaurant, Deira Seafood Restaurant, and many more.


Dubai Tour Deals - After Breakfast you can head out to a number of exciting Dubai tours and Dubai activities packages. Take a desert safari ride on one of the many Dubai hot-spray trucks or a Dubai dhow cruise dinner cruise. The Dubai skyline is simply stunning with the many buildings being constructed.


Dubai's Sports Culture: This is where you will visit the most exhilarating site in Dubai - the Dubai Desert. If you are looking for a sports and entertainment spot in Dubai then nothing can beat the Dubai Desert safari. Here you can indulge in some world-class golf courses like the Majestic Golf Club and many others. You can also indulge in some of the best Dubai indoor water parks. A good Dubai package will take you to all this and more so plan well in advance to enjoy the best Dubai City Tour deals.


Food in Dubai: The food in Dubai is something that will make your mouth water. The best Dubai tour packages will include a guided Dubai travel guide who will lead you around to sample all the food joints in Dubai. So what to see and where to go? There are hundreds of restaurants here where you can choose from a variety of cuisines. Some of the popular eateries are Dahi Handi, Souk Madinat, Al- theta, Baba Ghanoush, Tandoori Restaurant etc. All these places are known for the delicious food that they serve and on top of that you can avail some of the best Dubai hotel Dubai tour packages to taste the food with your own taste buds!


Dubai Shopping Destination: Dubai Shopping Destination is the ultimate place to shop as it has been categorized as the largest Dubai Shopping Festival. The shopping in Dubai can be simply wonderful. You will find everything under one roof making it easy to shop for everything. Apart, from traditional shopping, the city has also opened up to the online shopping market, which has been considered as one of the biggest advantages of the Dubai shopping holiday. So shopaholics do not need to look far for their favorite range of Dubai clothing, consumables, jewelries, electronic gadgets and much more.