Best Options for Yoga Teacher Training in India

Best Options for Yoga Teacher Training in India

Want to start your career in yoga? Why not visit India to practice yoga? For ages, yoga has been practiced in India and able to make a remarkable image. It has attracted people from all over the world not to just get mentally and physically fit but also to get emotionally stable.

Being home to many saints and yoga gurus, thousands of people visit India to pursue their career in yoga for getting proper yoga training.

Benefits of Doing Yoga Teacher Training


  • Helps to discover your strength physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

  • Enhances your yoga practice to a whole new level.

  • You become confident in various aspects of life.

  • Solves various problems.

  • Builds team spirit.

  • Training in yoga helps you to know yourself better.

  • Yoga teacher training helps you excel in life.

Best Yoga Schools in India


Whenever a yoga practitioner thinks about joining a yoga school, India is the first place that comes to his or her mind. However, India is a vast nation and has so many sub-divisions. Thus, you must know where to gain the best knowledge of yoga teacher training in India.

So, here are a few best yoga teacher training schools in India. Stay connected with us till the end to know better.

  • Kranti Yoga, Goa

Kranti yoga, with over 14 years of yoga teacher training in India, is located on Patnem Beach, South Goa. It provides training in an easy environment and provides vegan food to nourish the body.

  • Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial is one of the best yoga teacher training in India that attracts people from all over the globe. It not only strengthens you in various aspects but also helps you to meet the self along the way.

  • Svadhyaya Kosha, Rishikesh

Svadhyaya Kosha, Rishikesh offers you 200, 300, 500 hours of certified yoga teacher training. It is one of the best yoga teacher training institutes in India that offers you the chance to refresh the body and mind and helps you to realize your true potential. 

  • Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh

Parmath Niketan, Rishikesh lies on the holy bank of River Ganga. The yoga school has a rich Vedic Heritage with 1000 rooms spread over 8 acres of land. Moreover, it offers classes to beginners as well as to advanced practitioners. It makes every minute, every moment connects you to the divine.

Mysore Mandala, Mysore

Mysore Mandala is an authentic yoga training school based in Mysore, Karnataka. The main focus of Mysore Mandala is on  Ashtanga Yoga practice. It believes that the training is an in-depth study and a transformation of the body, mind, and soul.

  • Omkarananda Patanjali Yoga Kendra, Rishikesh

This school is established in 1993 on the banks of river Ganga. It provides various types of yoga for children, beginners, and intensive courses for yoga enthusiasts. 

  • Bihar School of Yoga, Munger

Bihar school of yoga is established in 1964 and in 2013 it celebrated its golden jubilee with the World Yoga Conventions. It believes in exploring and preserving the yoga vidya for human development and evolution.

Best Yoga courses for Yoga Teacher Training in India

At present, there are three levels of yoga, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Further details of these three levels are provided below:

  • 200 hour Yoga Course

Are you almost too naive when it comes to yoga? If yes, then you should enroll in the beginner- level 200 hour yoga course. It helps you to get familiar with the basics of postures and techniques of yoga. It is usually a month-long yoga course that provides you the yoga teacher training.

  • 300 hour Yoga Course

300 hour yoga is an intermediate-level yoga course that can be done after completing the 200 hour yoga course. Further, it helps you to learn more than basics like meditation, yoga philosophy, and mantra chanting. It is more than a month-long (40 days) course that provides you with yoga teacher training.

  • 500 Hour Yoga Course

500 hour yoga course is the advanced level of yoga teaching which usually is 2 months long. It provides you with complete knowledge of theory and practice yoga in daily life. This is the best and cost-friendly course for yoga teacher training in India.

This is just the overview of the syllabus to get the best knowledge, enroll yourself in any of these for yoga teacher training.

Wrap Up

To conclude, yoga teacher training is suitable for every person who is looking forward to building his/her career in yoga. Yoga teacher training in India blends the traditional with a modern approach and helps you to nourish your soul through yoga while performing various yoga postures and techniques in the natural environment.