A Brief Overview of Christian Funeral Services Rituals

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18 September, 2021

A Brief Overview of Christian Funeral Services Rituals

Christians have a strong faith in the afterlife and much of their lives are directed at attaining undying peace in heaven. They believe that Jesus was the son of God & came to earth to teach through his lessons and actions.

These writings, collectively known as the Bible, make up the scriptures, the Old & the New Testaments. As per the New Testament, Jesus sacrificed himself to his enemies & was crucified. This sacrifice was made to pay for the evils of all mankind. A genuine believer in Jesus & the Christian faith will be pardoned for sins as a result of Jesus’ sacrifice and gain eternal life in Heaven.

From Catholics to Mormons to Lutherans, Christianity has inspired several other religions, each with its own importance & understanding of the Bible. Though these religions hold a tad different beliefs, they pursue the same principles & share identical funeral rites.

Christian funeral services cater the same purpose: to pray for the soul of the demised and give console and support to the mourning. The typical Christian church funeral in London includes:

  • An opening declaration lead by the minister or priest. Relying upon the religion, the service may open with a prayer, a declaration that shows support to the     mourning, or a combination of both.

  • Prayers & hymns are read and sung all through the funeral. Guests are often heartened to read or sign along at right times.

  • Scripture readings are a usual part of most services. Identical to prayers & hymns, the exact readings and their placement in the ceremony vary by religion.

  • A commemoration given by a family member honours the life & gifts of the dead.

  • The service concludes with closing words given by the minister. He says that the service is over & leads the parade to the churchyard.

  • Graveside services also vary by religion, but all services have some form of words of burial in which the minister either reads a prayer, praises Jesus & prays for the soul of the departed.

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