6 of The Best Things to Eat in Montreal Right Now 1

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02 October, 2019

6 of The Best Things to Eat in Montreal Right Now 1


This is a super cozy cute French-Canadian diner. They’re super instagramable and almost always have lines. When we went, we did late night and snuck into the bar where we sat side by side and shared the fried frogs legs with ranch, the bone marrow, the escargot, the fries, and spaghetti with truffle and a 64° egg yolk. Everything was delicious, probably because it was late at night, the rain was making the outside world slick and new and we were warm and cozy inside eating ALL THE FOODS. I loved the aesthetic and their super cute plates with the logo and Mike loved the cocktails. Some people say it’s overhyped but we just say it’s good.




Drogheria Conserverie

If you’re wandering around the Mile End area and see tons of people eating something out of a little white take out box and are wondering what it is, it’s street gnocchi from Drogheria Conserverie. Before Montreal I didn’t know that street gnocchi was a thing, but it should be a thing everywhere! The gnocchi is super soft and pillowy, served in either a classic sweet and tangy tomato sauce or a nicely spicy calabria sauce. Add the extra pecorino and you have the perfect lil snack for wandering around. We didn’t think we would finish the whole box because we just came from brunch, but by the end we were fighting over the last piece, it was that good.