6 of The Best Things to Eat in Montreal Right Now

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02 October, 2019

6 of The Best Things to Eat in Montreal Right Now

Mike and I are in Montreal right now eating our hearts out. We’ve only ever been here once before and the last time, all of the food was amazing. There are some spots we are definitely going back to and some new spots that we’re planning to hit up. If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit that’s beautiful and full of good food, Montreal is the place to be. Here are our six things you absolutely can’t miss!

Chez Tousignant

Chez Tousignant is a retro fast food snack bar or as they say in French, casse croute. Typical casse croute serve things like burgers, poutine, and hot dogs and Chez Tousignant is no exception. What they do differently though is make everything in house: the hot dogs, the buns, the frozen custards, essentially everything except condiments. They have super cute branding and their poutine, especially the “galvaude” with chicken, peas, and gravy. Mike and I loved this place: simple, honest, Montreal-style food.