100 Top Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Men

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28 November, 2021

100 Top Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Men

100 Top Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Men

If tattooing is a relatively universal practice, it does not have precisely the same function depending on whether it is male or female. Also, the location of its affixing says a lot about the intentions and motivations of the wearer. In addition to taking on a meaning of belonging or even aesthetics, in some populations, tattooing has a role as an indicator of the social rank of the wearer, or even mystical properties are attributed to it, reserving some of them for shamans. Druids and other religions from populations with a high prevalence of ancestral customs. Also, the mystical dimension of the tattoo makes its wearer quickly notice when it shows off its own. Especially if the tattoo is worn by a man, things are a little different from if it is a woman. Because in addition to these considerations common to both sexes, the tattoo of the man can refer to his past as a prisoner or a sailor, which in both cases amplifies its appeal to women. 

The world at arm's length

This first tattoo is very representative of the last point made in the introduction. It evokes travel and suggests the ocean and the adventures that the wearer suggests having lived there. 

Another version of the sailor tattoo

This second representation, if it joins the first in its theme, it nevertheless sports more explicit motifs referring to the sea and navigation.