What Does a Web Developer Do?

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02 September, 2021

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web developers are responsible for writing code that tells websites how they should operate. Web developers are typically skilled in either "front end" ("client-side") or "back-end," ("server-side") programming. A few highly sought-after professionals can do both. BrainStation's Digital Skills Survey revealed that half of all Developers work in either front-end (client-side) or back-end (server-side).

What Does a Front-End Web Developer Do?

Front-End developers are usually focused on visual and design elements of websites. They can anticipate and fully understand user behaviour and needs. Front-end development (or client-side) is the programming of what the user will see. This role is often filled with languages like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML.

Front-end development is responsible for what you see on a website. This often leads to confusion with web design. Front-End Developers are not web designers, but they can link design and technology to make an idea into a website.

To ensure that design ideas are translated into a user-friendly website, we work with Web, Graphics, and User Experience Designers.

Design (wireframes or sketches for a website) can be transformed into code that a browser can understand and display on your screen.

Structure a website in a way that makes it easy to search through a search engine. This is called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).

This is known as responsive design. It's the art of creating websites that look great on all screen sizes, from smartphones to computers up to 5-inch screens.

Test websites and fix bugs or other issues

What Does a Back-End Web Developer Do?

Back-End developers work behind the scenes to create and maintain systems and structures that allow applications to do what they need. Back-end developers are skilled in logic and problem solving and can work with many programming languages, including Ruby, Python, and SQL.

You can also specialize in mobile app development and focus your efforts on iOS and Android apps. App developers who are focused on app development should consider using languages such as HTML5, C++ and Java.

A Web Developer can take on many roles due to the variety of clients and the products they offer. This is actually a major selling point of the profession. No two days are ever the same.

What Does a Web Developer Do All Day?

The daily tasks of Web Developers vary depending on many factors. These are just a few of the tasks a Web Developer has to do on a daily basis.

Converting wireframe designs to working code

Designing the architecture and content for a website

Incorporating functionality and responsivity

Make a website live

Renovating and up dating sites

Troubleshooting, fixing bugs, or catching glitches

Web Developers are also able to collaborate with Graphic Designers, UI Specialists and Marketers in their day-to-day work. Developers frequently participate in team meetings that include Content Creators, Graphic Designers and UI Specialists as well as Marketers, Client Service Managers, and many others.

They often work together to fix bugs, review and correct code. Senior Developers might also spend a lot of time mentoring junior developers and managing their team projects and scheduling.

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A Developer might be focused on a specific role or on smaller tasks depending on how large the company is. On the other hand, freelance web developers may be available to take on client projects from beginning to end.