Triund Trek: Decomposes Himachal Pradesh's Treasure Trove

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06 April, 2021

Triund Trek: Decomposes Himachal Pradesh's Treasure Trove

For city residents, nothing can be more relaxed and fun than traveling to the hill covered with fertile green plants and fresh air! Enchanting beauty and peace can be witnessed in 'Crown Jewel of Dharamshala', Triund. With all the attractiveness and grandeur of nature, the trillion is positioned beautifully among the span of the Charming Dhauladhar Himachal Pradesh and Kangra Valley. Also, Triund is among the most popular trekking goals in India for young people, and attracting lakh adventure lovers from all over the country. Medan and a complicated curve offer the perfect treasure to the trekkers.


This is why to pack your bag for a trillion


Triunds offer a Tibetan culture that is living and distinctive with beautiful monasteries equipped with beautiful foyers, Buddhist idols, wheels, and requesting banners. While on your trip to Triund, you will watch some of the best sights from the green mountains, white clouds and dense forests. One of the best experiences that can be obtained on this trip is to watch various starred constellations that set a dazzling night sky.


In particular, Triund Trek is a steep climb of more than 1,100 meters. This is not a long or difficult journey. From the temple Gau, it only takes about 3 hours to reach the trillion. Sharp climbing trips began on the last 2 km of Café Snowline, which means trekking is quite disturbed.


Reach Triunds from McLeodganj


Galu is the starting point of Triund Trek. To reach a rake, someone can rent a taxi from McEodganj, or just start the journey directly from there. Many tourists start their journey from Bhagsu NAG which is famous for amazing waterfalls. In addition, while trekking from the Gau, one must follow the path that passes the dense forest covered with deodar and oak trees. If you face difficulties while climbing, you can rent a horse / horse to reach the top.


The beginning of my trillion adventure


I started my solo trip around 5am from Delhi, took the route through Sonipat, Panipat, Ambala, Chandigarh and Solan. Because I don't want to miss Parathas from the most famous restaurant, Amrik Sukhdev, I stopped my car at Murthal. I devoured 3 buttery parathas with a glass of lassi cream which was actually divine treats with my taste!


I reached Dharamshala at 5 pm, and looked for a place of distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. After visiting several guest houses and hotels, I finally settled in a hotel in Naddi village which was far more remote and peaceful than other places I was looking for. Attached by the village, this hotel offers a beautiful view of the beautiful Dhauladhar range.


The next day, I decided to go to Bhagsu Nag Temple located in McLeodganj. Before getting there, I found St. Church John. Without the second thought, I parked my car and went to the cathedral.


Then I visited the Bhagsu Temple, the Dalai Lama Temple and Dal Lake. After capturing several photos with my DSLR and getting fascinated by the calm tranquility of the environment of the old Dalai temple, I went to the Jimmy bakery for breakfast and the taste of India for lunch. At night, I explored Tibet's market, where I shop for my friends and family.


On the second day, I began my old trip to Triund from Naddi Village around 9am. After gathering information from the locals, I first reached Dharamkot covering a distance of 3 km. The trip was fun, with a view of the colorful prayer flag, flowers, mud house and alpine trees. Meanwhile, I also met several other trekkers. After introducing ourselves to the Galu Devi temple, which functions as a base for travel. I stayed there for 10 minutes to refill my water bottle and to click on a few pictures. One thing I can't forget is a gifted mountain goat group; Talented because they balanced themselves extraordinary while grazing on the steep mountain!


The last hour of the trip was my fitness exam, because I was exhausted in the end. I reached the top of this magnificent hill at 2 noon, I thought, was a good time. At a glance Top Triund is a curtain race for all my expectations. It gave peace of my mind while absorbing all my fatigue. The biggest surprise that is waiting for our snow. I stayed at a camp located on the top of Hill Triund, and the night sky, with all the stars twinkling, memesmeric.