How Desert Safari Dubai Looks Like

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07 June, 2021

How Desert Safari Dubai Looks Like

Desert safari Dubai is one of the most experienced tours in the UAE. This tour is ideal for those who visit Dubai for the first time and wanted to taste the flavour of Arab culture. For 6-hours, this tour provides you live long opportunities to adapt to the Arabian lifestyle. From enjoying Sheesha to enjoying the live entertainment shows at the Bedouin-styled camp. For this, you will find many amazing tour operators in Dubai. Such as Happy Adventures Tourism LLC.


As you know, for the past 2 years, some thrilling desert activities have been added to the desert safari tour. Along with the dune bashing, ATV Quad Bike, Camel ride, Horse ride and dune buggy ride. Whenever you visit the Arabian desert, its sunset and sunrise views are some of the must-try things in Dubai. Where many people admire the photo session especially brand models and the tourists who bring home the captured pictures as the memory. Let’s explore the amazing highlights of desert safari Dubai and let me know your reviews in the comments. Are you guys agree or not, so without any further ado let’s get into it.

The Amazing Highlights Of Desert Safari Dubai


The first thing in your mind comes is the “Budget”. Especially when you got to know the numerous package inclusions. The budget for desert safari in Dubai is way cheap than you’re thinking. No matter you go for the pick and drop service or without pick and drop. However, it becomes a Lil pricey when you add luxuries to it. Such as the Private pick and drop service by lavish 4X4 Vehicle from your doorstep. Also, Private VIP camp facilities and the VIP table service, where everything is served on the table.


But if you go for the Regular package like others, trust me this tour only costs you 35 AED without a pick and drop service and 50 AED with the pick and drop service included.


Pick up and Drop Off Service:

The pickup and drop off service are booked in two ways. Either you go for the shared bus option. The simple way is that whenever you are landed in Dubai find the best tour operator who gives the best service at cheap rates. I know this is very rare but trust me that operators exist. If I tell you about my experience I chose “Happy Adventures Tourism LLC”. Just like their names, they kept me happy throughout the journey.

 Thrilling Dune Bashing:

Let me tell you the fact this is the main reason that tourist experience this tour. Because dune bashing or dune drive is also called “desert safari”. This is a skill performed by expert and licenced drivers by driving a 4X4 Jeep type vehicle like a roller coaster. Dune bashing is adventurous and dangerous at the same time. Dangerous for those, who suffer back and heart problems. Also dangerous for the ladies who are expecting. Before letting a person experience dune bashing, they ensure safety. That 4X4 Jeep is completely loaded with safety features and roll cage covered too. 

Camel Ride:

Camel ride is a common thing in Dubai. It is the part of desert safari to let international visitors taste the flavour of Arabian culture. However, tourists enjoy it as especially of Dubai because Camel ride seems rare on other countries.


Sandboarding let you slide up and down on the enormous mounds of sand by the rented board. Where the board will be rented you for free by the tour operators. 


The best part is you will get to relish free unlimited tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks as the starter. Where that facility will be provided after settling down in the Bedouin-inspired camp.

Live Entertainment Shows:

The Live Entertainment Shows' ' are acted in the Bedoiun Camp by the stunning International entertainers. Where the main is the "Hip twirl Shows" which should be the conventional dance everything was the most loved wellspring of amusement for the Arabs. In the dance a young lady shaking her gut on the beat of the music. 


The other dance you will appreciate is "Tanoura Show" which should be the Egyptian dance. Where two men wearing skirts and their skirts have lights or fire on and they continue to turn like a gig. 


The third show is the "Exciting Fire Show" which accompanies an admonition message "Don't attempt this at your home or all over". In the fire show, a person sets a fire from spitting Alcohol in his mouth and he performs astounding and exciting stunts. You will better know when you experience it all alone.

BBQ Buffet Dinner:

The BBQ buffet dinner is arranged in the middle of the live performances. Where you can enjoy the shows and food at the same time. This dinner contains veg and non-veg dishes where the live BBQ setup is arranged outside the camp. Also, there is Arabian, European and Asian dishes are included with a giant salad bar and a variety of desserts.

After dinner, the tour ended and you will be dropped safely at your place.


Where you will be picked up by bus from the standard location points in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Or either you will be picked up by the lavish Toyota Land Cruiser from your doorstep, house or hotel. The private car option is Lil costly however that bus option comes in the Basic package worth 50 AED.