Do Bosses Really Need Spy Application for Traveling Staff?

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28 April, 2021

Do Bosses Really Need Spy Application for Traveling Staff?

Threats to the businesses when employees travel

The Business professionals and employees need to travel outside for the accomplishment of business purposes. A large number of business professionals move around for marketing and sales purposes.

But this pattern gets worse when the productivity of the business, instead of increasing, starts decreasing. 

This is because a large number of traveling individuals start ignoring their key assignments and look to spend more of their time taking up unnecessary stuff.

It is observed that a number of employees who travel start using social media and the internet while their traveling and begin ignoring their professional assignments, they find traveling as a way to dodge their employers.

This pattern seriously harms the business interests, as it is well-known fact or universal truth that employee performance is the most vital predictor and indicator of organizational performance. 

When a number of traveling employees don’t come and live up to the expectations of the employer, then it’s just only a matter of time when business starts losing its significance and will collapse certainly. 

There lies a bigger threat to the business as well, that can be posed by the negligence of the traveling employees. It is observed that a number of traveling employees, when finding no check and balance and supervision above them, carelessly use professional mobile devices for their personal objectives. The objective may include visiting prohibited websites and platforms that do not pose safety and security protocols.

What actually happens when employees do so? Actually, when traveling employees visit insecure platforms, there is a massively augmented possibility that there can be a cyber-attack on the business data, which can result in the loss of all the confidential business data.

The data breach can steal confidential consumer and business information which can be used for advance selling, trendsetting, and trend identification.

There is a financially threatening side to the story as well, the data breach can steal financial confidential information and data of the business which can include financial checkouts and banking information as well. If this happens, this can be the end of the business for many reasons. 

The cybercriminals can use such information for draining out the company’s bank accounts, and the loss of credibility is above and beyond.

It is reported that a single cyber-attack on a business can cause a decrease of 8% of the stock price, which is just because of loss of credibility and repute. 

Moreover, when the traveling staff includes coworkers, male and female, the trend can be problematic for the employer in coping with the issues of sexual harassment. It is reported in a number of instances when female coworkers accuse their male colleagues of sexual harassment in the traveling environments.

Sometimes, the females do this to gain professional and illegitimate monetary benefits from the seniors, which can harm the overall productivity of the business.

So, going around all this discussion, the ultimate and the best solution for the employers in coping with all the issues regarding their traveling staff is to extensively monitor them.

The best solution that is proposed by the experts for monitoring the traveling employees is the use of a spy app. The cell phone spy app can be used for employee monitoring and takes care of all the issues and concerns of the employers.

There is a number of employee monitoring applications that look to record and monitor all the activities of the employees remotely, but the best of them is TheOneSpy. 

The employee monitoring app does all the spying without providing any clue to the target employee.

Productivity tabs 

The productive and unproductive tabs log all the activities of the employees. The employer can assign productive and unproductive tabs, and the app generates a log of all the activities performed over these tabs.

Website blocking

This feature of employee monitoring helps in coping with the issues of cyber threats by blocking websites that are considered unsafe and insecure.

The surround recording

This feature helps in coping with the issues of workplace harassment by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target phone.

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The best employee monitoring app for traveling staff if TheOneSpy. It can address all the issues of the employer by all means.