Buy body piercing jewelry

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23 June, 2022

Buy body piercing jewelry

Buy body piercing jewelry - If you want to buy piercing jewellery online. Elysian is here to provide you all kind of wholesale body jewelry and finest quality body piercing jewelry at affordable cost

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Creating The Right Foundations

Elysian was born from dedication and a genuine love for the piercing and body mod industry. I was working from an incredibly busy and highly regarded studio in the city of Preston, Lancashire; but I often struggled with poor jewellery supply.

I experienced so many issues, such as inadequate quality in generic wholesalers and slow fulfilment, poor communications and little or no aftermarket support, even with some of the better known brands. Piercing and jewellery are what I love, but it really started to become a daily struggle when having huge lead times or bad quality stock come through.

There was a huge problem in the piercing industry in the UK, and I felt it was something I needed to deal with and apply myself to, in order to make my day to day working life better.

I used to work in the dentistry field, and I spoke with my long term friend and former colleague for help, Dr Simon Clavell-Bate BDS, MJDF RCSLon, Dip Imp Dent RCSEd GDC: 103410:

Simon is a highly regarded dental implant surgeon and specialist. Using his experience, knowledge and industry contacts, we sourced the highest grade materials and determined the safest form of machining, both are universally medically accepted as the ‘GO TO’ for surgical implants.

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