8 Home Hair Straightening Products That Work

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10 April, 2021

8 Home Hair Straightening Products That Work

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If you are one of those who like to wear straight hair during the year, we recommend using hair straightening products.

It should be noted that these fees are simply for style and have nothing to do with straightening treatments.

That is, these products were designed to retain the created straight look until you wash your hair again.

Thanks to their advanced formulations, the following products penetrate the hair fiber and seal the straight style.

Keep reading to discover what these products are so that you can show off the smoothest hair of your life.


The best hair straightening products

Straight-style versatile base

If you are looking for a product to straighten your hair without formaldehyde, this primer is the only thing you need.

This versatile styling product offers many benefits that allow you to straighten your hair until the next wash.

This primer tames unruly hairs, retains and seals straight style, hydrates strands and protects them from heat.

Spray the product on wet hair before drying with hot tools.


Serum for professional straightening hair

Following the line of products and creams to straighten frizzy hair, we bring you this wonderful serum.

Specially designed for straightening your hair, this product makes styling easy and seals for days.

Of course we are talking about S Factor by TIGI Flat Iron Shine Spray.

The beauty of this serum is that it can be applied to dry or wet hair.

It also facilitates a straight finish and fills out high-shine strands.

In addition to the above, this serum protects hair from heat and resists frizz.


Hair straightening products for 48 hours

Curly or wavy hair tends to get a bit more unruly during winter.

This is because there is very little humidity in the environment and the hair is filled with static.

The wonder of this cream is that it contains powerful, high-range thermosetting polymers.

Apply the product to all damp hair before blow-drying with a round ionic brush.

In addition to straightening the hair, this product is a thermal protector and anti-frizz.

The cream resists up to 98% of the humidity of the environment so that frizz does not enter.

The result will be completely straight hair from roots to ends for 48 hours.


Hair straightening products to control frizz

Like the treatment of the same name, keratin products were designed to straighten hair.

That's why protein-infused wash systems and styling products are in demand.

In addition to sealing in the straight style created with the blow dryer or iron, this serum controls frizz.

It was also infused with properties that bring shine to each strand and activate upon contact with the hair.

For best results, we recommend applying this serum immediately after straightening your hair with hot tools.


Straight hair without unruly hair

Probably the most versatile product on the list is Bed Head by TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream.

In addition to retaining the straight style, and resisting the humidity of the environment, this cream tames the strands.

It is applied at the end of the hairstyle to create a silky, shiny, and healthy appearance.

Another benefit of this product is that it controls static which causes newborn hair to stand up.

It is a perfect product to carry in your bag to go to the gym and apply after exercising.


Shampoo for straight hair straight hair

Best magic sleek for natural straight or straightened hair

Hair straightening products that do work

Straight hairstyles are attractive and have a luxurious charm and here we show you how to straighten your hair.

However, achieving this look is not as easy as you think (dry and iron).

A straight hairstyle requires a few more things like the use of products to achieve a professional finish at home.

Fight frizz in the shower


The shampoo is formulated with low sulfates that leave your hair clean, shiny, and manageable.

The conditioner is infused with keratin which nourishes each strand of the hair, leaving it frizz-free.

Sounds like a magic perfection potion for straight hair, right?!

Finish by applying Keratin Smooth Keratin Smoothing Serum to damp hair after washing.


Air dry and tumble dry


Air-dry your hair for a few minutes after removing all tangles.

Apply a heat protectant before using the dryer or flat iron to protect your hair from the heat.

Put the nozzle on your hot tool and make sure to dry by pointing the dryer down.

If you point it up, you give it volume and run the risk of frizz entering.


The iron comes into action


Even if you have applied a heat protectant, you still need to protect your hair from the heat of the iron.

Do not set it to the highest temperature, go for a degree or two lower or a setting of 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Better safe than sorry! Afterward, divide the hair into four sections or more, depending on your amount of hair.

Begin flattening the approximately two-inch sections of hair with the help of a fine-tooth comb.

The comb helps to distribute the heat throughout the entire section of the hair. Continues on all hair.


Hair straightening and styling products


After ironing, the next step is to fix it with a hairspray to give your straight hair shine.

We like TRESemme Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Smooth Hold Level 2.

S or formula is lightly compressed flow and maintains the hairstyle in place.

Using a boar bristle brush, distribute the product evenly throughout the hair and you're done.

Enjoy the delights of straight hair.